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Please note: All programs and minutes are PDFs.
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2014— Make Every Dollar Count

President: 2014 Jim Farrington, Anchorage SD


2013— Leadership That Counts

President: 2013 Laurie Olson, Kenai Peninsula Borough SD


2012— 40 Years of Success Through Networking

President: 2012 Jenny Martens, Lower Yukon SD


2011— Strength in Numbers
President: 2011 Luke Fulp, Kodiak Island Borough School District

2010— Everyone a Leader
President: Laura Hylton, Lake & Peninsula SD

2009— ALASBO Vision
President: Karen Goodwin, NW Arctic Borough SD

2008— ALASBO The Next Generation
President: Cindy Reilly, Matanuska-Susitna School District

2007— ALASBO Needs You!
President: Rene' Spracklen, Copper River School District

2006— Team ALASBO - Educating Alaska
President: Elizabeth Frances, Dillingham City School District

2005— We Are ALASBO
President: David Means, Juneau School District

2004 — Facing Challenges - Forming Friendships
President: Mike Fisher, Fairbanks North Star

2003 — Our Professional Family
President: Betty Zabielski, Alaska Gateway School District

2002 — Thirty Years of Dedication to Alaska's Youth
President: Dave Jones, Kodiak Island Bor. SD

2001 — Building A Strong Future
President: John Sanbei, Juneau SD

2000 — Making Our Voices Heard
President: Lucienne Harger, North Slope Bor. SD

1999 — Work Hard-Play Hard
President: Tammy White, Alaska Voc/Tech Center, Seward

1998, December — Working Together
President: Eddy Jeans, Alaska Department of Education

1998, April — Making the Best Better
President: Robert Shefchik, Fairbanks North Star

1997 — Are We Successful Yet?
President: Loreen Kramer, Copper River SD

1996 — TEAM ALASBO - Leading the Way
President: Melody Douglas, Kenai Peninsula SD

1995 — Winners Thrive on Stress
President: John Tongen, Valdez City Schools

1994 — Professional Commitment:
Let's Give a Little Back
President: Dennis Niedermeyer, Lake & Peninsula Schools

1993 — Taking Care of Business
President: Barbara Martin, Fairbanks North Star

1992 — Synergism
President: Barbara Martin, Fairbanks North Star

1991 — Challenges Abound
President: Laraine Glenn, Juneau SD

1990 — Providing Leadership in the '90's
President: Patti Carlson, Bering Strait

1989 — Preparing for the 90's
President: Gary E. Epperson, Matanuska-Susitna SD

1988 — Accepting the Challenges
President: Melvin J. Greaves, Jr., Anchorage SD

1987 — Facing Tough Times Together
President: Marcy White, Copper River SD

1986 — Providing the Best
President: Tom Bibeau, Anchorage SD

1985 — Striving for Excellence
President: Joyce Healy, Kodiak Island SD

1984 — In High Gear - Team Commitment
President: Martin Mhrye, Southwest Region Schools

1983 — We Got Class
President: Bill Haring, Delta/Greely SD

1982 — Continuing Our Professional Education
President: Guy G. Bellville, Anchorage SD

1981 — ALASBO of the 80's: Managing Professionals
President:John Rogers, Northwest Arctic SD

1980 — ALASBO of the 80's:
Cost Effective Professionals
President: Duane L. Oliphant, Anchorage SD

1979 — The Eighties - A New Beginning
President: Richard Swarner, Kenai Peninsula SD

1978 — Better Planning Means Progress
President: Norm Rousey, Matanuska-Susitna SD

1977 — Challenges of a Changing Society
President: Larry Baker, Anchorage SD

1976 — The Spirit of '76
President and Founder: Tom Freeman, Anchorage SD

1975 — ALASBO - In the Lead
President and Founder: Tom Freeman, Anchorage SD

1974 — ALASBO - On the Move
President and Founder: Tom Freeman, Anchorage SD