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2015 Power Lunch Schedule [PDF 65K]


Power Lunch Downloads

School Nutrition Updates [PDF]

Time Management [PDF]

Legislative Update [PDF]

Indirect Cost Rate Slides [PDF]

Indirect Cost Example [PDF]

Impact Aid in Alaska [PDF]

Impact Aid - Part 2 [PDF]

Pupil Transportation Reporting [PDF]

Time and Effort Reporting [PDF]

Time and Effort-PAR Recon [XLS]

Time and Effort-PAR Final [PDF]

Time and Effort-Year-end PAR [XLS]

Time and Effort Federal Guidance [PDF]

Time and Effort Federal Guidance Enclosures [PDF]

CIP Project Submittals [PDF]

CIP Admin Handbook [PDF]


Competitive Foods in Schools [PDF]

Health Reform Free Rider Penalty [PDF]

FMLA Basics [PDF]

Preventive Maintenance and Facility Management [PDF]

Preventive Maintenance Visit Checklist [PDF]

Work Order Process Handout [PDF]

Workers Comp Insurance Rating [PDF]

Workers Comp Adjuster Procedure[PDF]

Workers Comp Loss Notice Form [PDF]

AHFC Energy Audits[PDF]

Negotiations Info [PDF]

ALRA Unfair Labor Practices Brochure [PDF]

Alaska Labor Relations Handbook [PDF]

2012 W2 and 1099 Information [PDF]

Grants Administration [PDF]

Student Records Presentation [PDF]

NSLP Implementation Timeline [PDF]

NSLP New Meal Pattern [PDF]

EED Capital Project Admin Handbook [PDF]

EED Capital Improvement Project Presentation [PDF]

ASBO SFO Certification [PDF]

Worker's Comp [PPT]

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) [PDF]

RFP Worksheet [PDF]

Sample RFP [PDF]

State Contracts [PDF]

Business Office Inservices [PDF]

GASB 54 - Fund Balance Reporting

Unemployment Resources [PDF]

Fiscal Education of Grant Managers [PDF]

Impact Aid [PPT]

Audit Prep [PPT]

Audit Worksheets [XLS]

Chart of Accounts Power Lunch Notes [PPT 49K]

Functional Categories Lunch Notes [PPT 39K]

403b Overview [PPT 1.16K]