Operations and Financials

The ALASBO Board schedules monthly meetings. Most meetings are held by teleconference on the third Thursday of the month. Any ALASBO member wishing to bring an issue to the Board’s attention may contact the current President or Executive Director using the contact link below.

Foundational Documents

Bylaws [PDF]

ASBO International Declaration of Affiliation [PDF]

Operational Documents

Policy Manual [PDF]

Committee Manual [PDF]

Board Job Descriptions [PDF]

Financial Documents

2016 Financial Statements [PDF]

2015 Financial Statements [PDF]

2014 Financial Statements [PDF]

2013 Financial Statements [PDF]

2011 Financial Statements [PDF]

2010 Financial Statements [PDF]

2009 Financial Statements [PDF]

NOTE: There are no financial statements for FY12. ALASBO transitioned to an April-March fiscal year, and the FY13 statements cover a 15-month transition period.