Wilkes University School Business Degree Programs

Wilkes University and the Alaska Association for School Business Officials have partnered to offer a Master of Science degree in School Business Leadership to members, as well as an Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (ABBA) degree.

These online programs are highly specialized to meet the needs of professionals managing the business of education. The practical knowledge you will gain through these programs can be applied immediately to your school business career.

Master of Science in School Business Leadership

The 30-credit program consists of 10 courses that address important school business issues related to finance, facilities, food service, human resources, information technology, public relations and transportation. Classes are held in 12-week sessions in fall, spring and summer semesters. The program can be completed in as little as two years, completely online.

Wilkes launched the program in 2007. To date, nearly 450 school business professionals have enrolled in the program from across the country. Members of Pennsylvania ASBO and other ASBO affiliates have utilized this program through partnership agreements.

“The things I leaned were directly relevant to what I do every day, and it helped me to build a network of people who do what I do,” said Michelle Smithmyer ’12, Business Manager of Claysburg-Kimmel School District.

The courses are:

SBL 501 Public Relations and School Communications
SBL 502 School Facility Management
SBL 503 Financial Operations of School Districts
SBL 504 Financial Planning & Management for School Business
SBL 505 Human Resources in Education
SBL 506 Materials Management in Schools
SBL 507 Information Technology in Education
SBL 508 Student Transportation
SBL 509 Food Service in Education
SBL 510 Leadership for School Business

Learn more about registering for Master of Science classes at www.wilkes.edu/sbl.


Bachelor of Business Administration

This program is offered through accelerated save-week sessions.  Concentration courses include:

  • Optimizing School District Operations
  • Statistics & Data for School Business
  • Managing School Business
  • Information Technology for Schools

Learn more about registering for Bachelor degree classes at www.wilkes.edu/abba.


About Wilkes University

Wilkes University is a premier, independent liberal arts university located in northeastern Pennsylvania. One of the largest private providers of graduate education for teachers in Pennsylvania, Wilkes offers the education doctorate and a variety of master’s degree, certification and letter of endorsement programs in education.

A Power Lunch was presented on these programs in April 2018.  Download the presentation below and listen to the recording HERE.