Strategic Plan

ALASBO Strategic Plan 

Theme 1 – Professional Development

  • Membership Survey and Evaluations
    1. The Professional Development committee will review the conference evaluation forms to ensure they accurately and effectively ask participants about what they need to become better, more efficient employees.
    2. The Professional Development committee will achieve 75% participation in annual conference evaluations by utilizing effective participation incentives.
    3. The Professional Development committee will utilize data from evaluations to propose and determine professional development needs for both ongoing training and future conferences.
  • Power Lunches
    1. ALASBO will provide no less than nine power lunches annually, directly based on the input received from membership surveys and evaluation.
  • School Business Academy
    1. Continue offering the academy at capacity of 15 per year.
  • Mentorships
    1. ALASBO will develop a job description for mentors by December 31, 2015.
    2. ALASBO will assign a mentor to each new ALASBO member within one month of membership.
    3. Mentors will engage with mentees monthly based on ALASBO’s calendar of training and the school business calendar.
    4. Mentors will report to a Mentor Facilitator quarterly on mentor/mentee meetings, so that information about mentorship activity can be recorded.
  • Annual Conference
    1. Increase annual conference participation by 25% within the next five years.
    2. Investigate awarding CEU credit for annual conference sessions.
    3. Increase marketing of conference to partnering associations.
  • Support for Professional Development
    1. Continue to solicit vendor support so members can attend conferences. (Goal is enough financial support for at least one member annually to attend ASBO International and ALASBO Summer Leadership.)
    2. Continue to financially support attendance of ALASBO officers at ASBO International and ASBO Leadership.
    3. Encourage member attendance at ASBO International conference by providing regular updates on ASBO activities and providing ALASBO member activities for those attending the ASBO conference.
    4. Provide at least one study group series annually to support members preparing to take the ASBO SFO certification exam.
    5. Provide regular information through the website, email and newsletter to encourage members to take the ASBO SFO certification exam.
    6. Provide regular information through the website, email and newsletter about training that may be relevant to members.

Theme 2 – ALASBO will be THE Resource for School Business Best Practices

  • Legislative Engagement
    1. Legislative Committee members will visit at least 80% of legislators (or appropriate staff) annually, primarily during the Legislative Fly-In.
  • ALASBO Improvement Model (AIM) Development
    1. ALASBO will develop resources to support at least one new AIM module per year.
    2. For each AIM module developed to include supporting resources, ALASBO will identify and develop a peer-review team to be available for district level reviews.
    3. Peer reviews will occur at a rate of no less than two and up to five annually.
  • Data Review Protocol
    1. ALASBO will create a data review protocol to respond to data gathering requests from legislators or other entities within 2-5 years. This will include identifying a team of subject matter experts and developing a response plan for timely review of data requests.
  • ACSA Joint Position Statements
    1. ALASBO will participate annually in the development, data analysis and approval process for ACSA Joint Position Statements.

Theme 3 – Sustainability

  • Partnerships
    1. Executive Director will communicate to membership annually on key partnerships and their benefit to ALASBO.
    2. ALASBO will work with ACSA, AASB, ASBO and other relevant entities to share resources. For example, this could include increasing presence during legislative session, sharing resources on newsletters, co-developing reports, being active on partnering entity Boards of Directors, increasing ALASBO participation on Ed Connector, continued promotion and participation in ASBO conferences.
  • Sources of Revenue
    1. Identify no less than five new districts to market pcard program to annually.
    2. Increase ALASBO corporate sponsorships by performing the following:
      1. no later than December of 2015, identify base-line data of revenue from current sponsorships
      2. no later than February 15 annually, outline annual targets for number of sponsors and sponsor revenue for the following year
      3. research and solicit sponsorships according to targets.
  • Membership
    1. Increase ALASBO membership by performing the following:
      1. no later January of each year, identify base-line data of membership data including: position title, time in career, district information, proposed tenure/retirement date and any other data that may prove useful to future planning for ALASBO
      2. no later than February of each year, outline membership targets for the following year
      3. research and solicit potential members according to targets.
  • Membership Development
    1. ALASBO will establish a “New Member Committee” to perform the following each year:
      1. identify an ALASBO member who has been in his/her career area for 1-3 years
      2. solicit interest in ALASBO Board or Committees and nominate to Board or committees accordingly.

Adopted October 2015