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When one person steps forward, he or she can make a difference. When groups of people step forward together, they can change the world. That’s the promise we make as we officially re-affirm our partnership and affiliation. We commemorate the occasion by re-energizing our unwavering commitment to each other, to our members, to our students, and to our communities, as we continue to forge a bright future for school business management.

Our Story: The Beginning of Collaboration

In 1910, seven school business professionals sat in a semicircle around the desk of the U.S. Commissioner of Education and founded the National Association of School Accounting Officers. Less than 20 years later, the first state affiliate was established. Since then—for more than 100 years—ASBO International has stood with our affiliates to serve school business professionals, ensuring the effective management of resources to give every child the power of education.

As an affiliate of ASBO International, the Alaska Association of School Business Officials is connected to a network of colleagues and something larger: over 100 years of experience. Each of our organizations and every one of our members add experiences to that collective knowledge, and together we are writing the next chapter.

Shared Beliefs, Shared Responsibility

Like ASBO International, ALASBO is dedicated to serving its members as they strive to support the school districts, employees, communities, and students who depend on them. ASBO International and ALASBO share a responsibility to the greater good, a responsibility to walk side-by-side and offer our collective resources, knowledge, and skills to meet the needs of our members. Working to fulfill our shared vision, we can make powerful strides for the school
business community.

Support for Front Line Work

In a nation where education is a state responsibility, the Alaska Association of School Business Officials fulfills a critical role for its members, providing the latest tools and resources to help members navigate the state and local sphere.

While ALASBO guides its members on the local and state fronts, ASBO International will plot the broader course ahead, recording where we’ve been and charting where we are going. We will strive to represent the experience and knowledge of effective and efficient management of education resources on the global stage, create pportunities for sharing ideas and information across borders, and evelop the leaders our communities need to ensure public trust and confidence.

Together, we will help our members create the future for all children.

Onward and Upward: The Future

Through certification, leadership development, and dvocacy, ASBO will continue to make strides for the future. We envision a world where all school business officials sit at the decision- making table, where sustainable education funding is created, where, fiscal responsibility and transparency reign—and most importantly, where every child has the power of education.

As we affix our signatures below, we commit to work together to ensure that school business officials have the tools and information they need, have their voices heard at the highest levels of government, and have every opportunity to become the business leaders our schools—and our students—need.

Luke Fulp
ALASBO President, 2011

Amy Lujan
ALASBO Executive Director

Chuck Linderman
ASBO International President, 2011

John D. Musso
ASBO International Executive Director

The above updated Declaration of Affiliation and an associated Affiliation Agreement were approved by the ALASBO Board on November 17, 2011.

Several previous agreements have been signed by ALASBO and ASBO International, dating back to 1975.